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Montys Blog

Montys Blog

Montys new role

Posted on May 7, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Well, what a difference 7 months makes to ones life - first you are working hard for someone the next you are galloping along running your own business. :o  Now for all of thoses that  don't know me - I am Monty Mew, small with a dedication to chasing our cat to keep him in check, guarding the fish in our ponds and making sure the posty doesn't drop off any bits of paperwork through our door!  As I can't type I have to relay this information to my owners.  I'm a Jack Russell and very proud.  Now my dad is running this business and named it after me.!!    So far my dad (Jeff) has made a shed for our garden, the cat Deano loves it, he has his own house attached.  He has also made and erected many fences, patios, decking, chopped,shaped and tidyied up lots of bushes and trees.  They look very smart now blowing in the wind.  We often walk pass many of the properties local just to check out that the work completed still looks good....:)  He is also doing lots of digging (I'm also very good at this too in our garden -  only I bury bones, biscuits, toys anything I can get and run off into the garden.  Now when its time I dig them up and secretly I bring them into the house and hide them, my mum and dad have fun trying to find the funny smell....

There has been a new additon to the family also 7 months ago, a small person loud, smelly and now is eating yummy things that I simply have to try and eat!  No burying her food - Willow is her name and she laughs at me when I scuttle past.   My mum and dads grand daughter.

I have to sleep now as I have done my routine check on the streets and alls well,

Bark bark for now, catch me in the week.


Ps;I have just had my 6th birthday :)

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